How many times per year should you go to the doctor?

How often do you visit your doctor? While most of us see our doctors during times in need such as sudden aches and pains, some people may need to see their doctor more often, but aren’t. Imagine if you had coronary heart disease, diabetes or sleep apnea, but there are no noticeable acute symptoms.  Would you visit your doctor then?
So how many times per year should you go to the doctor? Read more and find out.
Even if you are following a healthy diet, it is still necessary to have a yearly checkup for you, and at least two visits for your family. Following a proper diet and exercise routine can positively benefit your health, but genetics may play a higher role in the routine.

doctor-3If you have a family history of any case of cancer, sleep disorders, high blood pressure allergies, or any health-related issues, it is highly necessary to visit your doctor for an annual physical and check up. A yearly checkup may detect any sudden or early signs which may even save your life.
According to statistics, Americans visit their healthcare physician an average of three to four times a year. While this doesn’t exactly mean you need to pay a quarterly visit to your doctor, babies are advised to about nine visits a year with children should visit their physician twice a year.

Unfortunately, this is less likely to happen for uninsured families when compared to families with private insurance. Some even only visit the doctor during emergencies and ignore visits for extended periods of time. This can prevent early detection that might have been able to save more lives.

Aside from infants, patients with long-standing health conditions have a higher requirement of visiting their physician more often. Those with chronic diseases such as chronic pain should visit their doctor at least six times a year.
Bottom Line

Make sure to keep doctor visits a priority for you and your family. While there is not an exact number of required visits, be sure to aim for at least once a year for an annual checkup.