5 tips on coming up with a healthy diet for your family

You’re ready to get your family to start making healthy changes, but there seems to be one problem: they won’t eat it. You know all the benefits to following a healthy diet like building energy, building strong bones, and taking better care of your health. So how can you possibly improve your family’s diet?

Here are five tips on coming up with a healthy diet for your family.

1.      Make Dinner a Family Fun Activity


Introduce to the love of cooking by learning how to prepare fun, healthy meals. Try making fun food with healthy options. Make whole-wheat pizza; prepare fresh fruit kabobs, and even spaghetti squash. Allow each person to choose a meal for one night to make dinner time all the more fun.

2.      Avoid Saying “Healthy.”


Expand your family’s taste buds by letting them choose nutritious meals at least twice a week. Using the “H” word can scare kids away from delicious meals. Instead of praising the food for its health benefits, describe meals and yummy, delicious or even include their favorite characters into the descriptions.

3.      Make Fruits Your Dessert


Instead of baking a high-calorie chocolate cake for dessert, why not use fruits? You can create a delicious smoothie, baked apple pie or even a mixed fruit and yogurt granola parfait.

4.      Grow Your Own Garden


Consider growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden. Make this a family hobby that children will enjoy. Kids are more likely to try something they’ve grown themselves rather than something unfamiliar.

5.      Add More Fish and Poultry


Consider cooking less meat and more fish and poultry. Enjoy fish high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna and trout.

Remember that not all meals will go according to plan. Your family might not agree on whole-wheat bread but may enjoy spaghetti squash. Just keep moving forward and try to encourage your family to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.