3 ways to stay illness-free during the winter

The holiday season often leaves us prone to catching a cold or even the flu. Chances are you’re going to be busy during the winter months. So how do you protect yourself from getting sick?
Here are three ways to stay illness-free during the winter.

Eat Probiotics and Take Your Vitamins


Due to the lack of sun in the cold winter, you may be running low on vitamin D. But keep in mind that vitamin D can protect your body against colds and illness. Be sure to take about 10,000 IU of vitamin D a week to meet your body’s daily requirements and cut your risk of infection in half.

Foods that contain probiotics are also proven to fight against illness during the winter. Those who consume daily amounts of probiotics reduce their risk of catching the flu by nearly 30%. Aim to have at least one serving of Greek yogurt that contains probiotics.

Make Sure You’re Updated on Vaccinations


The best way to prevent catching the flu is to get vaccinated. Even if you end up catching a cold, the vaccine may help reduce the symptoms and even protect you against it. The flu vaccine can help protect you against sickness as most drugstores offer the shot without an appointment. Consult your doctor about which vaccines you may need based on your age, location, and lifestyle.

Eat Healthy


The foods you eat can play a role in your overall health. A well-balanced diet can help provide the necessary nutrients to help support your immune system and overall well-being. Boil your produce as vegetables are prone to carrying various illnesses.

Be sure to follow these three ways to stay illness-free during the winter and throughout all seasons. Remember to stay warm and alert while eating better, and living healthy, active lifestyle to keep your body at its best.